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In life we all have those “what if?” moments. Loree MacDonald’s came in 1993 when she and another rising young singer called Paul Brandt were competing in a prestigious voice competition.

Loree came in a close second to Brandt, who went on to become a household name in country music circles. Loree continued to follow her dream, even following her star to Nashville for a while, where she says she became lost in “a city full of fortune and fame hunters.”

Back home she put her dream on the shelf for years. She raised a family and didn’t think too much about getting back on stage until the day she replied to an ad to audition for Calgary’s Dino Martinis. 

Six Corners came about as a vehicle for the band to explore new original music. Six Corners is an historical place in the Black Diamond –Turner Valley area, south of Calgary, where Loree’s great, great, great grandfather was the first homesteader.

The place is intersection of three roads that reflects the band’s approach to country music. 

“We’re kind of interested in the places where different types of music and ideas intersect,” explains drummer Scott Lauchlan. “That’s the most interesting place for us as musicians.

While the band is built around MacDonald’s love for the classic country music she absorbed growing up in High River in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s – Reba McEntire, George Strait, Vern Gosdin, and Merle Haggard – it also reflects the music influences brought by the Dino Martinis, blues, swing and even a little punk. 

The other members of Six Corners, (guitarist Brent Kawchuk and bass player Don McSwiney) are also part of the Dino Martinis, who are internationally known in swing / jump blues circles. The band recorded three discs and toured Canada, the U.S., Europe and Japan. 

Country singer, and keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist Stephanie Dawn rounds out the lineup.

The band recently recorded five songs with noted Calgary producer Russell Broom, who is also member of Jan Ardenn’s band. An investor has recently come on board to finance the completion of a full-length recording. 

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